InClass: Spinal Tap

Five Favorite Creative Works

1. Gibberish-Ryan Leslie
2. Kingdom Hearts
3. Scandal
4. Blackgirlsareeasy.com
5. The Prestige


Gibberish was an unintended song. It has a mix of lyrics and mumbling. The title sums up what it is made of. The song itself is a masterpiece. Ryan Leslie composed all of the music himself. He is a talented musician and composer. The fact that he does it all himself says a lot. Gibberish was supposed to me a sample for someone else to turn into an actual song, but for whatever reason (I think because he liked it how it was) he left it and kept it as a song.

The creative goal was to exemplify the beauty of something unfinished.

Kingdom Hearts

Kingdom Hearts is hands down my favorite video game ever. The story behind it, the integration of role playing with Disney stories, the music, the message, all come together to make an amazing game. Combining other stories with an original made for a great story that impacted me afterwards.

The creative goal was to intertwine already made stories as one.


Scandal is a new show that I got hooked to after the first episode that I saw. I don’t even like television. However, this storyline shows a lot of thought. It shows a different perspective of the under the table action in something as important as politics. It also shows how situations can be covered up in different ways. It is original and very well thought out.

The creative goal was to create a new perspective of the scandals that exist that can be ‘fixed’.


Blackgirlsareeasy.com is a blog that I follow religiously. It is hilarious. It is informative and very honest. The author is extremely intelligent and uses his knowledge to help people out in common situations. We are so used to going to our friends for advice who either misdirect us or sugarcoat situations  He is blunt about the truth. I appreciate the knowledge and am entertained by how he presents it. It’s very different because he can relate to his audience in a humorous way without being ignorant, especially with the topics he chooses to write about.

The creative goal was to inform through relating.

The Prestige

The Prestige is a movie about magicians competing against one another to be the best magician at the time. It was one movie that completely blew my mind. I never would have ever guessed the reality behind the story. It was though out so well.

The creative goal was to present the film as a magic trick. Throughout the movie, the script alluded to magician’s secrets. It was designed and directed with the thought process of a magician.


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