BrainBank: Street Skeleton

This morning, my group members from my Visual Communications class and I went to FDR park in South Philly. We were exploring the park because we are doing a project on event signage. Our event is a skate competition at the skate park underneath the overpass at the park. We walked along the road figuring out how we were going to incorporate directional signs in the park. We observed the natural environment as well as manmade things that were placed there. As we neared the overpass, we noticed many curb bumpers which we thought would be interesting to consider implementing in our project. One in particular really stood out. It was knocked over and there was graffiti all over it. When we took a closer look, we realized the image that was drawn on it.

A skeleton was sprayed on this piece of equipment. It looked awesome! As a fan of street art, I can appreciate how people can make regular objects look interesting. Street art brings boring objects to life. I understand that the spray paint was vandalism, however, this knocked over curb bumper was so much more interesting to look at than the rest.

The creator used the holes of the bumper as eyes. It is creative to use the medium as part of the design. While some people would have ignored the holes and continued to draw around it, implementing the holes makes the composition much more successful. When we stood the bumper up, the light shined through the holes giving the bumper an even newer vibe.

While this vandalism was probably a practical joke around the time of Halloween, I found this small act to be really great. The way my group members and I reacted prove how successful this small drawing was. It even served as inspiration to our project. While some design is not intentional, you never know what purpose it will serve for the viewer. Sometimes, things that are created without a purpose are the best creations made.


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