BrainBank: Sketch Furniture by Front

This morning in my Product Design class, my teacher told us that we need to photograph our work as well as our design process for our portfolios. He also explained how videos are great ways to promote work as well. He then showed us an example of by Front, a Swedish product design firm, who make videos to display their design process.

In the video, the designers walk to the center of the room and begin moving their hands as if drawing in space. With the use of a computer program, they later added an animated representation of the furniture that they drew. As a result, the viewer could see a three-dimensional version of the sketch process in the minds of the designers. Later in the video, it showed how models were produced.

This video inspired me because it provided me a way to showcase my major and both minors for my senior design project. I have not thought too deeply about this project, but I knew that I wanted to incorporate Graphic Design, Product Design, and Digital Media.

I can create a motion graphics piece that exhibits the design process behind a product I designed. It will include vector illustrations and typography to display graphic design elements, three-dimensional modeling and animation to display my digital media skills, and the actual product itself to show the product design part. To intensify showcasing this, I can make it into an interactive site to present more typography examples, more videos highlighting particular things, more animation within the transitions of the site.

The more I think about it, the more I can refine this idea to truly highlight all that I have learned throughout these four years at Drexel. Being that I am studying three things, I think it is important to show what I learned as well as how much I learned and how I have incorporated it. I know I am a versatile designer and that sets me apart. I need to now show it without words.

Video Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8zP1em1dg5k

Front: http://www.designfront.org/


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