BrainBank: Comic Collage

Today I locked myself in my room in order to build my website. Surprisingly enough, I did not get distracted. However, I did force myself to take a break at some point and when I did I browsed the apps on my phone. When I scrolled through Instagram, I came across a picture of Spiderman. I really liked the composition and the color choice so I looked at it more. When I looked closely , I realized that the picture was not a drawing, but a collage made from Spiderman comics!

I love to collage, but I never thought of using comic strips to recreate a character from the comic. The background is a compilation of actual comic strips. The collage part is Spiderman himself. Based on the richness of the red, I would guess that the newspaper pieces that form Spiderman were soaked in red liquid. The black webs on Spiderman are folded up black dyed newspaper.

This piece is creative because the artist used the original form of something to recreate it. The piece is so interesting to look at which adds to the significance of the concept. This piece reminded me on the importance of medium. It is not just about the idea and that it is created, the process and means play equally important roles. One simple decision in an area that may not seem to be that important can make a world of a difference. Someone could have drawn Spiderman and it probably would have beena  lovely drawing, but nothing sets it apart from everything other drawing. But the use of comics to tell the story was an impressive idea.


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