BrainBank: Urbn Center Big Screen

Late this evening, I walked into the Urbn Center in order to complete several different problems. Before I entered, I mentally prepared myself for the amount of time I was about to spend in the labs. When I walked in, I looked up at the giant screen that welcomes visitors into the lobby. There was a huge dead bat on the screen. I sighed.

At first, I questioned the content on the screen. What would this dead bat have anything to do with the College of Media Arts and Design? Then the bigger concern was for the placement of the screen. You can’t see it! Why is there this massive screen in the lobby that is blocked by the wall? Why is it positioned in a place where you have to look directly up? That is so uncomfortable. What is the purpose of this screen?

In the old design building, Nesbitt Hall, there were screens outside that exhibited the work made by the college. There were multiple screens so that different things could be shown at once. I am assuming that this big screen was made to have the same purpose. However, no one on the outside can see it and no one in the inside will want to look at it.

This screen is an example of purpose without craft. Without craft, and idea is useless. The idea of this screen makes complete sense. But because of the location, it loses all purpose. It now provides opportunity for a good idea for improvement. Problems need solutions. Solutions need good ideas. Therefore, problems aren’t always a bad thing. But this problem isn’t my problem. Therefore, I am not going to waste my time trying to find a solution.


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