ThinkerToys: Chapter 30: Dali’s Technique

Relaxed Thinking

  1. mustache
  2. swirl
  3. tree
  4. wave
  5. whirlwind
  6. vortex
  7. cyclone

Challenge: Skateboard competition signage


  1. The same thing that can destroy can create something new.
  2. A new spin on things.
  3. Relocating things.

Link to the Challenge

  1. Remix already made signs into something new.
  2. Destroy already made things to unintentionally make something else.
  3. Place things where they do not belong.

I enjoyed this exercise because it was interesting to see the flow of the thoughts that I had. I also enjoyed trying to link what I saw in my head to the challenge itself. This exercise opened the door to more ideas based on the connections it presented.

When doing this exercise, I took into consideration the fact that I was extremely tired and kept my phone in my hand to help me. The vibration of an email that I received was the right thing to keep me from falling asleep. I completed this exercise in my room in order to relax. I had to sit at my desk though to finish it so that I was not tempted by my bed to fall asleep. This exercise would be more successful if I was not as tired. It is risky when you’re tired because you can fall asleep while relaxing.


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