BrainBank: UrbnCenter Puzzle Pieces

This morning after class I was leaving the Urbn Center when a friend of mine called out to me. I went over to her to talk to her and see what she was working on. In front of her was a huge puzzle and a bunch of large format images. She asked me my opinion of the piece.

She was working on a window display for the lobby of the Urbn Center. The display is supposed to represent all of the majors within Westphal that are located in the Urbn Center. The idea of the display is that every design major works together. Every type of design is related to another type. Without one part, things cannot be complete.

The Urbn Center was built in way that the different design programs could collobarate. The space is open so that people have no choice but to see what students are working on. Programs are intertwined to show how we all work together in reality. This set up allows for inspiration and ideas to spread between the programs.

Being that I have a major and two minors all within Westphal, I know how related these programs are. Each one is taught differently, has a different feel, and produces different work, but the general idea is the same. I can incorporate what I learned within one program into the other two. As a result, I am going to be a versatile designer with knowledge of these separate fields. Because I know the language of three different fields, I become vital to different companies. I understand the perspective from the different fields and I connect them all.

I enjoy studying Graphic Design, Product Design, and Digital Media. Some aspects I prefer from one or two programs over the others. But overall, I feel as though I am getting as much as I can out of Drexel by being a part of this big puzzle piece of design.


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