ThinkerToys: Chapter 22: Chilling Out

I laid down on my back, closed my eyes, and relaxed my limbs. As I breathed deeply, I began to relax and my mind began to wander. Random things just flowed through my mind and I let it go. I did not think about it, I did not dwell on anything, I jst let my mind work. I didn’t even concentrate on a problem figuring that any thought that had a specific purpose in relation to a current problem, I would be made aware. Some thoughts that resulted from this exercise helped me to push an idea for my visual communications project that I am currently working on.

I liked this exercise because it did not take much work but can still produce a lot of results. There are also problems with this exercise. First off, finding the perfect location can prevent this exercise from being successful. It also may be difficult finding the time to just sit there and not think about anything especially when you have the stress of things that need to be completed filling up your mind. What proved to be the most difficult part of this exercise was trying to stay awake. I am exhausted enough as is, so laying there trying to relax was a recipe for disaster. When a person is truly relaxed, he or she is no longer aware of his or her surroundings. The person is lost in his or her thoughts. Add exhaustion and a great nap results.

I completed this exercise in my room on my bed because the directions called for a quiet relaxing location. I should not have completed this exercise after such a long day, however my schedule only allowed for this time frame to complete this. My location helped me to relax but could have potentially caused me to fall asleep. Falling asleep however would not have necessarily been a bad thing in respect to generating ideas and solving problems. Falling asleep would just take up time that I do not have to waste.


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