InClass: Remembering Failure

I entered a photography contest at the end of this summer and I did not win. I did not place or receive honorable mention. It was disappointing because I actually had hopes of something. I am not one to dwell on situations, so while I was disappointed at the moment, by the end of the event I forgot about it. I dealt with the disappointment by realizing that someone will always be better than myself. But just because someone is better does not mean I cannot keep trying. Will I enter other photography contests? Most likely. Failure is only failure if you never try again.


Instead of getting discouraged in the first place, next time I can look at the situation as an opportunity for improvement. Instead of just walking away from the contest, I could have went to my old photography teacher about ways of improving my work. Then after improving it, enter another. I shouldn’t wait. I should keep trying now.


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