BrainBank: Skatejawn

In my visual communications class, I am working on a group project on environmental design. More specifically we developed signage for an event that we came up with. Our event, “#NOFEARUNDERTHEOVERPASS”, is a skate competition and exhibition that would take place at FDR Park in South Philadelphia. Our teacher had us come up with a group name and because we were inspired by the zine, Skatejawn, we named our group after them.

What is Skatejawn? Skatejawn is a zine that is housed in Philadelphia. The zine targets skateboarders. It includes interviews, useful information, and different images. The accompanying website includes several video compilations of skaters skating through different parts of Philadelphia.

I came across Skatejawn through a zine workshop and their zine was one of the examples. When I skimmed through it, I noticed the humorous style of it, so I decided to check out their website for more information. But more than anything else, their title gained my interest.

People outside of Philadelphia would not understand the greatness of this title. The most commonly used slang term in Philadelphia is “jawn.” Jawn can be used to take the place of any noun. For example, “Can you pass me that jawn over there?” With the title Skatejawn, it can mean anything related to skating. Also, by having jawn in the title, it shows that this zine is specific to skating in Philadelphia.

This title is creative because it captures the essence of its purposes with one word. It stand out and it very memorable. It also cannot be confused with anything else. Finding the perfect name is a difficult thing to do, but I believe Skatejawn got it right.

Link: http://www.skatejawn.com


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