BrainBank: Branch Hook

Today, I was browsing through my teacher’s pinterest for inspiration and I came across an image of a branch hook.


This hook caught my attention because of how unique it is without being crazy. It is a simply form, not much different from regular hooks. The concept is not necessarily forward thinking, but the innovation of past ideas. Before hooks were made, people hung things on whatever could be found. Things were hung to dry on branches. Branches were strong and were high enough that things would not drag on the ground. Then we learned how to make our own hooks, which was great. But who says throw out the original? Why not have branches poking through the wall? Especially if the house has a nature theme to it, branch hooks would be perfect! A hook is a basic thing, but it’s design does not have to be. Hooks should be functional and branches were one of the originators of the job.


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