BrainBank: Digital Waiter

Late this evening, on our way to Maryland, my friend and I stopped at Chili’s to eat. When we walked in, I commented on the fact that this Chili’s had the exact same floor layout as that the Chili’s back at home in New York. While we walked to our table, I noticed that tables did not have those advertisement pamphlets and drink/dessert menus. Instead there were these little machines. When we sat down, my friend and I clicked through the machine. It was awesome!

The machine allowed you to order food, drinks, pay your bill, play games while waiting, and much more! The more I explored it, the more I realized that I am going to be working on things like this in the future. This machine is such a great idea. My friend and I did however talk about how it is going to alter the work environment at restaurants. Waiters and Waitresses will still be needed, but people may not feel as obligated to tip anymore. Waiters and waitresses might simply have the role of bringing out needed things and checking up on tables. But there are also pros to this machine. If everyone pays on their machine, that is is less work waiters and waitresses have to do, so they can focus on the new tables. People will leave faster and everything will be more efficient. Children will be occupied with games and paper won’t be wasted.

This idea is so great and it truly did blow our minds. As obvious as this progressive idea was, it never occurred to me. I am highly impressed.


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