BrainBank: Coronita Salt and Pepper Shakers

This evening, my friends and I went to Joe’s Crab Shack for dinner. Directly in front of me were the salt and perpper shakers. They were not traditional shakers, but were made from recycled Coronita bottles. I think using already existing things for another purpose that is completely separate from its intended purpose is so creative. Those Coronita bottles were not made to be salt and pepper shakers however they make great ones. There is a plastic cap on top with holes for the salt and pepper to come out of. The bottles are also see  through in order for the user to know what the bottle contains.

Recycling is a great thing. Instead of wasting perfectly good materials, the materials should be reused with a new purpose. Everything can have a purpose if it is established. These salt and pepper shakers are a great example of that.


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