BrainBank: The Incredible Obamas

This evening, I was on Behance.net in order to upload files to my online portfolio. I wanted to see how other people presented their work so I browsed through different users. I came across an Obama campaign collage, so I clicked to see more.

The Behance page I went on: http://www.behance.net/gallery/Barack-Obama-2012-Yes-We-Did-(again)/5831051

The different pieces posted on this page were very interesting. It was cool to see how smalled images could create a large image simply by manipulating color, tone, composition, and size. I have done a project like that and I know it takes a LOT of time and effort, so I have a lot of appreciation for these posters that are really detailed. On the page was a link to a sight called Design for Obama.

I was so amazed by the compilation of posters in support of Obama. There were a lot of movie poster themes, album cover themes, show themes, game themes, etc. People were able to think of different ways to tie Obama into pop culture. My favorite poster from the ones that I scrolled through was the Incredible Obamas (see image). This poster is based on the movie The Incredibles. The poster gives the Obama family super hero roles like the Incredibles. Their uniforms are even matching democratic body suits. I thought the poster was a fun way to represent the family. While President Obama is President of the United States, he is a husband and father first. But, because he does have well behaving girls, and a very intelligent, strong, and amazing woman standing beside him, they become a very powerful family.


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