Creativity Exercise 8

Take A Thought Walk

Go for a walk with no agenda. Time to get a little exercise, be alone, relax and think. Bring a notebook with you. As you walk make a list of all the environmental elements that catch your attention or cause a shift in your thinking; bicycler, car horn, weeds, fire hydrant, stand pipe. When you are finished, try to define why each caught your attention. Can you apply any of these to your final project as a method for catching someone else’s attention? Detail your findings in your blog entry.
  • “I really like your hair.” But my hair does not even look good today! Oh well, a compliment is a compliment.
  • cold
  • beautiful, bright sun- today will be a great day to photograph the Magic Gardens on South St.
  • church
  • flyers- pretty sick!
  • rusty fence- I wonder how long it has been there.
  • tombstone- This is random. It is the only tombstone here and it is really close to the street. I wonder who this person was. *Looks closer* Hm, the Pastor. He died in 1955. My parents were not even born yet.
  • Police Siren- why do emergency vehicles abuse their power to get their way? You know good and well that you are not going to an emergency. Why do you think it is okay to turn on your sirens just to get in front of people? I think it is quite dangerous, because people put themselves in close proximity with other cars in order to get out of the way.
  • Verizon car pulling out backwards that let me walk in front of him- I appreciate manners. His car was in a really awkward position but still allowed me to cross in front of him.
  • Pink Vomit- What is that? Ew, what were you eating? How did it get to be THAT pink? Crazy. Someone must have had an eventful evening.
  • Creeping man- why are you looking at me sir? BYE. The paler I get and the longer my curls get, the more attention I get. I don’t like that. The more mixed I look, the more people want to talk to me. But I am still the same person. What makes a mixed person more intriguing than a black or white person? I do feel as though people are more intrigued by racially ambiguous people. It does bother me when I get special treatment over some of my friends because I have a lighter complexion and because my hair is not nappy or fake.
  • Orange peels- Gross. Why can’t people use trash cans?
  • Birds- I.HATE.BIRDS.
  • Dirty looking older woman- How did you get to be like that? How do you feel about yourself? I wonder what her story is. I wonder how she feels when she looks at me? I wonder if her situation could ever change. I wonder if she has someone to tell her that he/she loves her.
  • Row of men- WHY ARE YOU STARING? Go get a job old men. Do something productive! And why are you looking at me? Why won’t you look at her?
  • Girl in pink with wrapped hair- So, this is what we do now? I don’t understand why it is so hard to put a hat on or do your hair. Why do people think it’s okay to walk outside the house with wrapped hair? Unless you are about to model or you have a formal event to go to and even then you can put a scarf on DO NOT WALK OUT OF THE HOUSE WITH YOUR HAIR WRAPPED! Looking like a teletubby. Bye.
  • The smell of fresh pee- lovely.
  • Home-Thank God I am home.

Final Project Application
The things that caused a shift in my thinking were very minor things. I am sure I do this everyday, but because I do not record my thoughts or pay attention, I do not realize it. When going about ways to approach people, it is important to pay attention to the minor details. There is always something to talk about. I could write papers on all of the things that I saw on that walk. Small things I observed emitted emotions that I could discuss with a stranger.

Looking at this list also shows me where I probably will not want to meet people. Reviewing my thoughts, I clearly became more frustrated the more west I walked. I am not a fan of the hood environment. I am not interested in becoming friends with anyone there. The beginning of my walk, I seemed to be happier, more relaxed, and I am sure much more friendly. Your mood will play a role in how you interact with other people. We have the power to shift it, but we must be aware of that. If the same person approached me in the beginning of my walk and at the end of my walk, I know I would have responded differently in both situations. This exercise made me very aware of that.


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