ThinkerToys: Murderboard

Post Graduation Plan

I plan on graduating from school and staying somewhere within the area. I plan on having a job offer waiting for me right after graduating so that I do not have to go home. I plan on sharing an apartment with my best friend unless she leaves the area to go to graduate school, then I would have to find another roommate or and affordable single. I would work for about two years to gain experience and become financially stable. Then I plan on looking for a job that would require me to travel frequently. I would have this traveling job for about two years and then settle into a job in/near a well known city. I do not care which city it is, as long as there is something going on there. From here, I plan on settling down, preparing for marriage and a family, and truly establishing my career.

Questions raised:
How long will I need to depend on my parents after graduation?
What places am I willing to go?
How much money do I want to make?
What type of lifestyle do I want to live?

Because this plan has many variables and certain parts result from others, this plan may not go anywhere near where I plan it to go. For example, if I am in a serious relationship, I am not going to take a job that requires me to travel. If I am not offered a job, I have no choice but to go back home or go stay with relatives until I get a job. I can plan as much as I want and work as hard as I want, but opportunities play a huge role in how things play out.

It is important to have feedback with a plan like this, this plan is the foundation for my adult life. The people I talked to about it have already completed this time in their lives or are going through it. Each person went about it differently. I also chose people who really care about my success and want what is best for me.

When I told my father my plan, he doesn’t think it is smart for me to plan on having a job offer right after I graduate. He told me that it is not realistic thinking.

My mother on the other hand thinks that I have a great plan. She said that it is very attainable and is not far reaching. She said that the only thing that could really alter my plans is timing.

My oldest sister thinks that I am going to have to figure out where I am living after graduation because I won’t be able to afford to live anywhere. She is speaking from experience because she had to live with our grandparents for quite some time after graduation.

My older cousin believes that there is no point in planning anything out because things happen as they should.

My aunt believes that my plan should be based on where the best opportunities are career wise.

This exercise was nice because it allowed me to present my plans not only to someone that cares about my goals, but to myself. Organizing and vocalizing your plans gets you one step closer to accomplishing them. A person can dream all that they want, but to work at a plan is a whole other thing.

I completed this exercise in several different locations, because I talked to different people at different times. I talked to my aunt on the phone at my cousin’s house in D.C. and talked to my cousin while riding through Maryland. I talked to my mother as I walked down the street. I talked to my father and sisters in the comfort of my room. The locations and times that I  spoke with my loved ones did not affect this exercise.


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