BrainBank: Ez-Pass

As I was driving home this evening from Philadelphia, I thought about how boring the ride was. It is a straight route, there was no traffic, and I was getting tired. As I neared home, I crossed the final bridge, and most of the toll booths were closed. Only three were open and the lines were so long. Before I got really frustrated, I realized that one of the open booths had no one in line. It was the ez-pass line. SCORE! And I zipped through it and continued home. After I crossed through, I realized how handy ez-pass is.

With ez-pass, I very rarely have to wait at tolls. It cuts down on a lot of travelling time. I don’t know why people don’t use it. With the ez-pass, sometimes you ride through scans so you don’t even have to stop at all. Why sit there and try to find the necessary money for the tolls every single time?

Whoever came up with the plan of the ez-pass was brilliant! It just makes travel so much more efficient. Also, it helps that it extends throughout the country.


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