BrainBank: Medical Bracelets

After I reviewed my coop interview offers, I decided to do further research on the companies. One of the companies, Hope Paige Designs, designs fashionable medical bracelets. When I first saw what the company was about before applying for the job, I was intrigued. Hope Paige Designs considers not only the function but the aesthetics of a medical bracelet– with the customer in mind.

I have had multiple surgeries and I have been in and out of the hospital for a portion of my life. I have experienced some difficult health issues, but I would never compare myself to some of the kids I’ve seen while be there. Young kids who can’t function, children with cancer, people who depend on the aid of others– I’ve been around it. It makes you grateful for your own situation. It was hard all the times when I could not dance, play sports, or simply walk, but I did not have to worry about living to see the next day. Other people face that struggle every single day.

Some medical issues leave people with constant reminders of their condition. These reminders also make them stand out. People should not have to be more uncomfortable if it can’t be helped. These fashionable medical bracelets are a creative way to identify a person and their needs if needed without it being such a clunky piece of metal. With these designed pieces of jewelry, it still functions the way it should but blends in with the person’s style too. I appreciate anything that can help out a person in a situation that they did not ask to be in.


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