BrainBank: Unstick your Style

This afternoon, I was scrolling through Tumblr and I came across a Dove ad for its Anti-Frizz cream. The ad included two pictures of Marge Simpson, one a we normall see her and one “after she used Dove Anti-Frizz cream.” Obviously, an illustrated character cannot use a real product, but the imagery of the situation is making a bold point. Marge Simpson has crazy hair, if Dove’s Anti-Frizz Cream can make her hair manageable and beautiful, it can do the same for you.

Now although this message is clear, is it believable? As much as your mind wants to remind you that Marge is not real, it is hard to separate the image from the reality of the situation. It is actually very similar to putting a real person there. The women in commercials for any product do not show realistic results. Their hair is fake, their makeup is done by professionals, it is all for the visual. So in reality, this ad is not any different. She was drawn with the ideal look in mind.

Her hair looks good. A woman will want her hair. A woman who wants her hair will ignore the fact that she is not real. Then a woman might go buy the product and try it.

I do believe this ad is very creative. I really like how they chose an iconic figure that everyone would know but put a twist on it by making her a cartoon. They have other ads with other cartoon characters as well. It is also nice to see these cartoon characters drawn in a more idealistic way. I like when people put a spin on the norm. It’s fun.


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