BrainBank: Flirt! Glamouflage Healer/Concealer

This morning I looked in the mirror and to my disgust there was a pimple on my face! But it wasn’t just any pimple, it was big, red, and it hurt! I need to look flawless at all times and this pimple was just getting in the way. So I searched through my drawers to find something, ANYTHING, to take care of this major problem. After a while it was looking discouraging, but right before I gave up, I saw this light brown tube. I took it out, examined it slowly, then decided to try it. It covered it up! But not only was this product a concealer, it also contains anti-acne formula with salicylic acid. Double score!

When it worked, I thought to myself that whoever came up with this idea was brilliant! To work on the acne problem while concealing kills two birds with one stone. Some people cover up their acne with make up, however make up will only make problems worse because the oil will seep into pores. So the problem results, you have to choose between hiding your acne or fighting it. It is a lose lose situation.

To solve the problem, chemists had to figure out how to produce concealer that would not irritate the infected area that could also contain medicine to fight the acne. And after many tries I would assume, they found their best combination. I am sure it is not perfect because there has to be irritants in the concealer, but by minimizing it the problem is not a split lose lose.

With this product, I know that the chemicals are drying out the oils but my redness and swelling are also concealed so I can continue with my day without feeling self conscious. It may take a little bit longer than if i just used medicine, but I can work with that.


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