BrainBank: “That’s so…”

This evening I came across this poster on tumblr:

I loved it.

I HATE when people say, “That’s so gay.” I take that back, I hate when people say, “That’s so gay” when referring to something being negative. Gay is not synonymous to stupid, useless, unfortunate, idiotic, shall I go on? When people use this phrase, I will typically respond with, “A (insert noun) can’t be sexually attracted to its own gender considering it has no gender.” Then I get that look, “That’s not what I meant.” So what did you mean? Oh, it’s stupid? Then use the word stupid. Gay does not mean stupid. You may think a gay person is stupid, but that is a separate discussion all in itself. Use a thesaurus. Gay is not the word. Using that as a synonym is quite offensive.

This poster does an EXCELLENT job of making the same point. The overlap of all the negative words that people use the word “gay” instead for just fill the space. The words have different transparencies and are different colors so that they can stand alone will blending as a group. I also like how the poster just asks a simple question. By asking, “…and you choose gay?” after giving countless solutions to the possible words that could have been used is a stronger argument than just saying how what the person did was wrong. Pointing a finger at someone has less power than pointing a finger at yourself. By presenting the question, the reader has no choice but to ask themselves, “Why didn’t I just use one of those words?” Of course, many people won’t care, but I think the poster is powerful enough to make some reconsider their word choice.


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