Creativity Exercise 9

Look through your BrainBank entries and ignore where or who the inspiration comes from, rather look at the comments you wrote about them and try to figure out WHY they inspire you.
Make a list of all the different reasons they inspired you. List them as general concepts; ie: Color Scheme, Texture, Mood, Perspective. Add tally mark to all the recurring themes.
What are the top three themes?
Go back through the BrainBank entries and look for these three themes and list the specifics, adding tally marks to recurring items.


What is the top specifics for each theme.
Can you apply this to your final project?
The top three themes from my BrainBanks are social issues, recycling, and editing cartoons.
I noticed with my BrainBanks that were inspired by the social issue that it explored, I was really passionate about what I was writing about. Those issues addressed are very real and some hit home for me. Being that some of those issues were personal, I could relate to the image or idea that the BrainBank focused on. Different entries included “That’s so…” which focused on the incorrect use of the word gay, the Tuskegee Airmen Mural, “Love Comes In Every Shade” which I discussed the role of men and how love is lost in masculinity, and more.
The BrainBank entries that focused on recycling were very useful. These entries discuss giving “useless” things a new purpose. I also am very passionate about finding beauty in things that are damaged, destroyed, or decayed. I guess in a way for me it is like finding the beauty in imperfect people and in imperfect situations. It is important to look past the flaws to see good qualities.
The BrainBank entries that rewrote original stories and character identities inspired me because they proved to show a great thought process and a lot of wit. Some of the ideas were so twisted, but it made it that much more interesting. Some examples were the Fast Food Mafia, Uncle Ben, Unstick Your Style, and Britney Spears as Cinderella. The Uncle Ben meme was hysterical! Relating a brand of rice to Spiderman’s life in such a classic way was priceless. I appreciated the humor in all of these images that inspired me.
I can tie this analysis to my final project by realizing the things that stand out to me. If I am drawn to the same types of things they are obviously meaningful to me. Everyone has different subjects that are meaningful to them. Figuring these things about by observation will help in order to start conversation with people. If you find a common interest, the conversation is guaranteed to develop.

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