BrainBank: Dumb Ways To Die

This morning in my visual communications class, my teacher showed us an animated public service announcement for Metro. The message of the animation is to be safe around trains. The three main causes for death around trains are standing too close to the platform, jumping onto the platform or trying to cross it, or driving over tracks when the signal says not to. However instead of just putting out a public service announcement that simply states not to do those things, Metro decided to make the message more interesting.

The animation discusses really dumb things that people do that kill them. What I appreciate about the animation is how it shows what could happen to a person if they do the things mentioned but without it being gruesome. There is a light sense of humor to it while still maintaining the reality of the situations. This animation definitely grabs the viewers attention and maintains it until the end. The train part is not until the very end after the viewer is already hooked and waiting for me.

I believe that this animation is a perfect way of getting their message across. All the dumb ways to die that are mentioned before the train deaths make the viewer laugh and say “why would anyone do that?” By putting the train situations after those, the viewer should want to say the same about those situations as well. It is difficult to make public service announcements in a way that people will want to listen, but this animation was very successful.

Check out the video here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IJNR2EpS0jw


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