BrainBank: Beep and Boop

This morning as I prepared for my interview with Comcast, I did more exploration and research of the company on their website.
When I looked at the Pressroom section, I saw the Digital Media Section and came across a link of their site DailyCandy. I scrolled down the page to see what the site was about and came across an article for a new app. The title was App-y Day: Beep & Boop: Good behavior at the touch of the button. So I decided to read.

Beep and Boop is an app that helps with disciplining your child. It is supposed to make good behavior fun.

I mean I think it’s sad when a person has to resort to an app for his/her child to listen, but whatever works. It’s a creative idea. It mixes newer technology with an old problem. Kids like technology, kids like rewards, put them together and hope that they act right. Get enough beeps and I get something for being good. I think that attitude is wrong, but if that is the only way your child will act properly, so be it. The app even will dismiss bad behavior with enough good behavior. Decent incentive.

I think the incorporation of the app to daily life is a great concept. I think the app itself is such an innovative idea. I just feel that as a culture we are slipping into relying too much on technology for things though.



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