BrainBank: Film Dress

As I was walking through the lobby of the Urbn Center, I noticed interesting dresses in one of the showcases on the first floor. When I checked them out, I noticed they were designed based on a theme. My favorite of all the dresses was the one made from film. Besides the dress being designed beautifully in a way that I would even consider wearing the dress, I was interested in the material. I could only imagine how difficult it would be to make a dress out of film. Whoever made it definitely designed it with the material in mind taking into account how it can roll and how thin it is. The film was layered on in different ways to create a nice texture.


Realistically speaking, a film dress most likely would not be successful to wear. However, the concept, as a design piece, is very elegant and intriguing. I can appreciate the use of different materials to make things that typically are not made from those materials.


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